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    Karuna Trust
    Annual donation of school books and bags
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    Karuna Trust
    Supporting Dhamma schools
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    New building for Tammennakulama junior school, Medavachchiya
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    Karuna Trust
    Home for a needy family, Rambuka village
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    Karuna Trust
    Special leadership training programs for rural youth
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    New houses for needy families in Medavachchiya district
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    New building for Mavita junior school, Neluwa
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    Donation of pottery machines for under privileged traditional pottery village of Katupotha, Mihinthale
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    Jack tree planting in newly built houses
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    Book donation at Dellava vidyalaya
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    Setting up a Children's ward at Hiniduma hopital, 2012 September.
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    Computer lab for Thelijjavila Dhamma school, August 2012

Recent Events

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Tammennakulama village, in north central province of Sri Lanka used to have primary school. Children from Tammennakulam...

Helping Sri Lanka

Karuna Trust is kindness in action. It is a voluntary organization dedicated for improving the living standards of materially poor people in Sri Lanka. It receives its inspiration from Mr. Mahinda Karunaratne, who is the chairperson of M/S Karunaratne & Sons Ltd. a reputed printing establishment in Sri Lanka.

Operated entirely by volunteers, Karuna Trust works solely to provide help for extremely deserving cases, which may otherwise have little or no recourse. Donors looking to support Karuna Trust need not worry about where their donations go, all money contributed goes fully to charitable purposes, with no administrative withholdings.

Karuna conveys its heartfelt thanks to you for doing your part as a sponsor, advertiser, or as a member. Thank you for helping us to help the helpless.

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