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    Annual donation of school books and bags
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    Special leadership training programs for rural youth
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    Home for a needy family, Rambuka village
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    Supporting Dhamma schools
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    New houses for needy families in Medavachchiya district
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    New building for Mavita junior school, Neluwa
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    Donation of pottery machines for under privileged traditional pottery village of Katupotha, Mihinthale
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    Jack tree planting in newly built houses
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    Book donation at Dellava vidyalaya
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    Setting up a Children\'s ward at Hiniduma hopital, 2012 September.
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    Computer lab for Thelijjavila Dhamma school, August 2012

Recent Events

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Help a Child to See

Another Project of Karuna Trust

Vision impairment in Children had recorded an upward trend within Sri Lanka during the last decade. About one in four children today suffer with some kind of vision related problem that needs immediate medical attention or correction.

Due to economic constraints faced by many families 30 to 50% children are left unattended and are deprived of getting timely medical attention or corrective eyewear. Another contributory factor is the unavailability of professional eye care facilities in close proximity to their homes. The ultimate result of this situation is dangerous as this could make a child blind; if not render poor vision. If a child’s vision is impaired, he will not be able to see; If he is unable to see he will not be able to read; If he cannot read he won’t be able to learn and thus his entire livelihood will be effected.

In 2016, we Karuna Trust were engaged in an Eye Screening Program for school children in the Galle District located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. During this event We have observed the high number of children who suffer from various kinds of vision impairment that needed immediate medical attention. Needless to say; this unfortunate situation had inspired us to immediately initiate a separate project by organizing similar eye screening programs for less privileged school children in other areas of the country too.

Today Karuna Trust has ventured into this project titled “Help A Child To See” to help children whose families are unable to afford quality eye care services. During the last two years Karuna Trust has been able to help over 2000 children suffering from various vision impairment to get professional eye care or medical treatment by facilitating their eyes to be examined by community ophthalmologists, whilst vision testing and refraction been done through a handpicked team of qualified, experienced optometrists. Children who have been diagnosed with poor vision have been given spectacles made to the correct prescription free of charge. A pair of spectacles with a good quality frame and the lenses made according to the given prescription costs US $ 10.00. ( SLR 1700.00) 

Karuna Trust has now set up a community based eye clinic with modern equipment at Maharagama for the benefit of under privileged deserving people to facilitate them with professional eye care. Karuna Trust also continues with its program to screen the vision of school children under their project “ Help A Child To See”. A team of professionals comprising of visiting doctors and a highly qualified optometrist has been deployed to serve the beneficiaries who call over at this clinic.

We take pleasure in humbly inviting you to participate in this meritorious project by making a contribution according to your affordability. Your generous contribution also can be to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or a death anniversary or any other commemoration. Should you require any clarifications or details in this regard please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

Mahinda Karunaratne
Karuna Trust




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Karuna Trust Chairman honored

Mr. Mahinda Karunarathne was honored with the “Rajarata” Golden Citizen award presented by the North Central province of Sri Lanka for his social service to the country. The President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, made the occasion even more grandiose by attending the awards ceremony to commemorate Mr. Karunarathne’s achievement. Though several other citizens were also recognized for various categories in the same ceremony, Mr. Karunarathne was commended for wonderful philanthropic efforts in the province such as the restoration of large irrigation tanks, building houses for the poor, facilitating scholarships for school children, and building schools.

The President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, recognizes Karuna Trust chairman Mr. Mahinda Karunarathne with the ‘Rajarata’ Golden Citizen award for his philanthropic services in the North Central province

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Karuna Trust is kindness in action. It is a voluntary organization dedicated for improving the living standards of materially poor people in Sri Lanka. It receives its inspiration from Mr. Mahinda Karunaratne, who is the chairperson of M/S Karunaratne & Sons Ltd. a reputed printing establishment in Sri Lanka.

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