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    Annual donation of school books and bags
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    Special leadership training programs for rural youth
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    Home for a needy family, Rambuka village
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    Supporting Dhamma schools
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    New houses for needy families in Medavachchiya district
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    New building for Mavita junior school, Neluwa
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    Donation of pottery machines for under privileged traditional pottery village of Katupotha, Mihinthale
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    Jack tree planting in newly built houses
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    Book donation at Dellava vidyalaya
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    Setting up a Children\'s ward at Hiniduma hopital, 2012 September.
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    Computer lab for Thelijjavila Dhamma school, August 2012


Development of school facilities 

Under this program we have build several school buildings and other facilities at deserving schools.

  • Mavita Junior School building. A two story building with six classrooms for Mavita Junior School at a cost of US$.26000.00. Mavita is an underprivileged village, 65 km away from the main city of Galle in the foothills of Sinharaja Forest. This school is one of the oldest schools in the district and it has being neglected, mostly due to the very poor economy of this village. Most of the villages work in tea estates and get a daily wage of $.1.75.
  • Laboratory building for Gaminiwewa School in Medawachchiya at a cost of US$.6625.00.
  • In 2011, Pre-school and library for Neluwa & Tawalama villages. Read full report
  • Pre-school in Periyakulama village. The Jephcott Charitable Trust in UK has funded this project. Karuna Trust will run this school without charging fees from the poor children.
  • In 2013, School building for Tammennakulama Junior School at a cost of LKR 1,200,000. This was funded by Karuna Trust, Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada (SLUNA) and several expat donors. Read full report
  • A fully equipped computer lab with 08 computers for Mahadiulwewa school. Computers were donated by the Old Anandians 89 Group. Read More
  • Four computers donated to Mahabellankadawala school. Computers were donated by Old Anandians 89 Group. Read More
  • New clothes were donated to 350 needy students in Medawachchiya. Read More
  • Donation of 10 violins to students of Rambuka Maha Vidyalaya. Read More
  • Building of preschool in Dellawa was one of the 5 built by us. Other four were built in Periyakulama in Madawachchiya, Dewalegama in Neluwa, Lankagama in Sinharaja forest and Mathugama. Read More
  • Complete IT lab was built for Rambuka maha vidyalaya in Kalawana and Thelijjawila Samarasingharama Dhamma School. Read More

Development of libraries

We have developed four libraries since 2003.

  • In 2003, Sri Vajiragnana Dhamma School Library in Maharagama,
  • In 2004, Samarasingharama Dhamma School library in Thelijjavila,
  • In 2005, Shikshakara Dhamma School library in Monaragala  
  • In 2006, Rambakulama Temple Dhamma School library in Medawachchiya.
  • In 2007, we have donated books to school libraries in Anuradhapura Distrrict.
  • Books and library cupboards were donated to kammankulama school library. Read More
  • Books were donated to Maradankalla school library. Read More
  • Books and library cupboards were donated to Halloluwa school. Read More

Setting up of dhamma schools


Scholarship program

This has been our major program since its launch in 2004, and by now we have awarded over 500 scholarships to deserving students. Karuna Trust provides financial aid to these students from year six and continue till they complete their university education. 

Promoting Sports

Karuna trust has conducted several programs to promote sports among school children. Athletics and chess programs have been our main focus so far. Read full story

Sports promotions including chess coaching programs, facilities for pole vaulting, volleyball and development of school play ground for Thawalama National School and many other schools in Hiniduma electorate. Read More


Leadership training program

This initiative was launched in 2013. Under this program 10 clusters will be formed in selected rural communities with 30 students each. These students will be provided special training in areas such as IT, English, Leadership training and team work, community service, Drug and Alcohol prevention, social and environmental responsibility. Students will also be provided with a monthly scholarship for their education related expenses through their university level education.  Read full report

Annual book and shoe donation

Annual book and shoe donation for 600 needy students in Anuradhapura, Gampaha, Wasgamuwa, Horana, Homagama and Kalawana. Read More